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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cruzbike Silvio

Two views of my new Cruzbike Silvio. I know there have been some questions about which rack I mounted over my rear wheel. It's an Old Man Mountain rack (made to fit over a conventional front wheel) that fits very nicely.

And wonder of wonders! I just came across a 1986 catalog (as I clean up around here and discover long-unseen bits of floor) that has in it a trunk bag that is designed for this short rack. Worth checking out, if it's still being made.

And it is! Rivendell Bicycle Works in Walnut Creek, California now has a website at www.rivendellbicycles.com on which is featured their Li'l Loafer for $87. It's a trunk bag that mounts on a shorter rack (length appears to be 9.5 inches). Looks to be sized just right for my Silvio, and should solve a big problem--if the sloping rear of the seat doesn't block it. We'll see.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Piles of Snow

Huge piles of snow here are from plowing my driveway. But having just flown to Portland and back, I know that similar snowcover existed (on January 23) all the way from Denver to around Pendleton, Oregon. I mean total snowcover. A thick blanket that covered even the steep sides of hills--it was everywhere. There have probably been other winters like this, but I don't personally remember any.

I'd be interested to know what effect global warming has had on our weather: so far we've had big snow, violent hurricanes, and much more--and what's next? My thought would be that what's called "global warming" really means that more energy is being trapped by pollutants in our atmosphere. It would seem that this could cause greater separation of warm from cold, and hence more vi0lent interaction. between the two.

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Here is snow being plowed out of my driveway about a week ago. It didn't snow very much then, but the wind howled for most of two days and made the driveway impassible for my Prius. A neighbor is in the business of plowing driveways.

Now the wind is howling again and great clouds of blowing snow are whipping past my window. I have my 4WD truck available again, but even it has limits. I need to drive to Salida, and I think I'd better go soon, or else put my truck away.

I'm going to have to dig down to my woodpile through what looks like two feet of drifted snow.
I guess I'd better do that before it gets dark.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Flight From Portland

The creature on the wingtip; Frontier Airlines. Late-day sun.
Posted on February 3, but the flight was on January 26, 2008.

Cabin interior, Frontier Airlines, Portland to Denver.
My seat was almost at the rear of the cabin.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Visiting Family in Portland

This is Drew, who is a much more contemplative boy than Jayden. He seems to study things, possibly to determine their meaning and relevance. The visit pictured here happened Jan 23-26, 2008.

Jayden, one of two simultaneous (but not identical) arrivals.
He is more demonstrative than his brother.

Below, 2 1/2 year old Loren.

Below, my daughter Debbie pushing a stroller with the newest arrivals, twin boys. There's dual seating in the removable baby carrior.

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