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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Drew and Jayden at Age One.

Here is a tutorial on what to do with birthday cake.

New one-year-olds on their birthday! Drew on the left and his non-identical twin Jayden on the right. Drew seems to think things are fine, while Jayden tends to examine situations a bit more critically. The latter is a wise pathway through life, as we all know, while the first makes you the most friends. If I should get their names backwards, I'm sure I'll soon be corrected. I make the distinction mostly by amount and color of hair.

Family Group

Here is a family photo. From me on the rear left, we see my daughter Debbie, her husband Jason, and my grandsons Loren, Drew, and Jayden. Loren is about three, and this was the first birthday of Drew and Jayden who are non-identical twins. Photo by Patty.

Grandson Loren, Age about 3

Loren loves his bicycle. I suspect he won't need the training wheels too much longer. Good to see the helmet in use. I sustained one bike-related concussion when I was in grade school.

Debbie and Loren showed us Loren's pre-school, where it appears that the kids have a number of educational toys to play with. Here, there are strings of beads with various numbers of beads on them. Number-skills come in very handy later in life! And not much later.

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Flying Portland to Denver

This, too, is southern Idaho, showing the mountains. The Sun Valley ski resort is either in this photograph, or it's in a rather similar valley.

This is southern Idaho--the mountains just north of the Snake River Plain.

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Portland, Oregon

Powell's Books, which occupies three stories and covers a city block.
I semi-jokingly refer to Powell's as the center of the civilized universe.

A streetcar near downtown Portland. These machines are painted in various colors. Maybe that serves as color codes for where they go, but I don't know this.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Honduras, August 2008

Lilia befriended us in our hotel dining area. Yes, she was selling baked goods (which were very good--I bought one to have along with my breakfast). She was a happy, friendly girl.

The beach on the Caribbean is the major attraction of Tela. There are side trips from Tela--one along the coast to visit a native population--but we did little except walk on the beach or sit among the palms. Our hotel included a restaurant where the eating was good.

From our hotel balcony--a view of a tour boat that takes passengers out into the harbor where cargo ships sometimes moor.

A good place to be--our hotel in Tela, Honduras. Our quarters were not luxurious or large, but that didn't matter. The beach here was superb. Patty looks out over the waters of the Caribbean, which was wonderfully warm. Getting out here required a bus change in San Pedro Sula at the large Terminal de Buses.

The license plate of the car seen parked in the photo below. It says "Honduras, C.A." in part for "Central America." Several times, I saw or heard "Central America" emphasized, and not just about license plates. Perhaps this is a point of pride with the citizens here, or perhaps there's another reason.

This was an eating place of some sort. Very likely chicken, similar to KFC in the US.

This appeared to be some sort of highway checkpoint, similar to ones I've seen in the USA.

Another building, the purpose of which is unknown to me

The country between Copan and San Pedro Sula was lush green, the land was agricultural to a large extent, and the hilltops were capped by clouds.

House near the highway in Honduras, a country that was green and moist.

Yes, this post is out of order. I've been to Honduras once, not twice. It was before Cataract Canyon, not after. But here it is...enjoy!

Note: Those of you who receive the texts of my posts by email get the first version posted--not the final version in which I've probably made various corrections. I've corrected about five things since this was posted several minutes ago.