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From 8200 feet along one side of the Upper Arkansas River Valley in central Colorado, my blog is about many things: travel including river and bicycle trips, and other experiences as well. The focus is on photography, not lots of text.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Increasing Readiness

I'm still getting ready to leave for Morocco about the middle of next week. I've been extremely busy with this, and I probably will be all week long. Better this week than next, for sure. I'm trying to get everything squared away now, so I'll have time to deal with any complications that may arise.

I've not been keeping up with weather forecasts, so this morning I was surprised to find about three inches of new snow on the ground. My friend Anrahyah teaches south of here, near Crestone in the San Luis Valley--and they had a snow day today with well over 15 inches of snow! 19" in places. That's really getting hammered. But this time of year, even that much snow melts off rather quickly.

I'd really like to find the 220 volt transformer I once bought to recharge my external camera batteries with, although I have another way of doing this (I've got a converter into which I can plug my 120 volt transformer). I tore apart a room today trying to find it, and still couldn't.

My laptop computer, fortunately, runs on either 120 or 240 volts. This is very convenient, as long as I can plug it in! I must recheck to see that I have the proper plug, and if not, do something about it.

With all the snow we're getting, I hope I'm still in bicycle shape when it's time to start pedaling out of Marrakech, Morocco.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring Cycling

This morning was calm and sunny. Although I'm just getting over a virus of some kind, I'm still three weeks away from a bicycle trip in Morocco. Between several inches of snow, and not feeling well for a couple of days, I hadn't done much for several days about getting into shape.

So I drove down to the main highway with my bicycle in the back of my truck, and made ready to ride into Buena Vista. When ready to go, I realized that I only had on a t-shirt. Hmmmmm, and it's still winter around here!

I went anyway, prepared to turn around if necessary. But it wasn't unpleasant at all; between the sun and the mile or so of uphill out of about eight miles total, I felt really good! And I didn't get sweaty from working hard. Got to Bongo Billy's and enjoyed a good sandwich and some ice tea.

When I walked out to leave, things were a little different. There was partial cloud cover now, and it wasn't quite so warm. My t-shirt wasn't quite up to the task. I rode out of Buena Vista, down past the junction with Highway 285, and then down the hill that's there.

I made it back to the car just fine, without freezing. More riding will need to be done, but I'll make sure to take a jacket next time!

P.S. It snowed that night.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe

Highway 50 coming up the steep eastern face of the Sierra Nevada from Lake Tahoe.

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California state capitol, Sacramento

The California capitol, Sacramento

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The Western End

Here's the approximate western end of Highway 50, in Sacramento, California. Very near this offramp, the highway merges onto Interstate 80 at an intersection with Interstate 5. Highway 50 used to go on, but now the way to the Pacific Ocean is via I-80 across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco.

Sacramento is now US 50's end. This is much less of a real ending than exists in Ocean City, Maryland, where the highway comes over a bridge and terminates two blocks from the beach.

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Yarn Store

I accompanied Gloria to a yarn and weaving store in Olympia, Washington. There, I saw this image of yarn on the shelf. I was able to brace the camera against another set of shelves and make this photograph.

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Grandson Loren

Something is pleasing Loren! My grandson is pictured here about two weeks shy of his second birthday. He lives near Portland, Oregon with his parents--my daughter and her husband.

As Far As You Can Go

Here is the Pacific Ocean and the coast of Washington near Aberdeen. A friend and I drove out here and walked about a mile on the beach. I got back just ahead of some hard rain--but Gloria walked a little farther and didn't! Rain can be cold here.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Loneliest Highway in America

Highway 50 across Nevada. The "Loneliest Highway in America" is truly wonderful! I like being alone when not in the company of an awesome person. This time, I was alone in powerful terrain.

A friend saw this photo, and said the distant mountain range looked like it was floating! This was confusing. The light area is a playa, or dry lake bed.

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